Cognitive Cocktail

September 21, 2016

In a strange studio, a sad editor obsesses over a scene from his life.  Jennifer, the flame that inhabits both his film and broken heart, is fading on the old Steenbeck reel-to-reel editor.  Lucas, trying to keep her, will not stop reediting their last scene together.

His partner, a paranoid and clinical editor, sees the destructive force Lucas’s obsession is having on their shared world.  He tries to pull Lucas from this downward spiral.

In all films there comes a point were we need to let go of a scene that did not go as planned.  The choice not to let go will spoil an otherwise wonderful film.

We developed the script, storyboards, and comp art for this future short film.

This is a great example of how Rus’s writing and design push against each other bring the whole project to a higher place.  Film lets us realize the worlds created in the folds of a book, it can be magical in the right hands.