Keep Falling Forward

September 18, 2016

I have always loved the beauty and simplicity of a well-crafted cartoon. The pages by Don Martin, Bill Watterson & The Keanes teased my funny bone during lonely days growing up in Southern Indiana. I learned how to look at the world with a different perspective by reading the funny papers. Soon the intricate drawings in Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars manuals blew open the doorways of my mind.

Doodling with new friends is how I learned to connect. We became art class heroes. My drawings stood out; I gained a foothold in cliques with beauty and athletic requirements I did not have.

In architecture school, graphic design was important to getting your project presented and understood. I began to notice its seductive role in commerce. Before venturing into film I imagined myself as a graphic artist.

Now my love of cartooning plays a key part in the generation of my stories. I move between writing and sketching letting each influence the other. Drawing intricate storyboards of my finished screenplays, moving them closer to film, is the best part of the process. Good storyboards ignite a producer’s passion and explain the film to all departments at once.

The child in me wants to try my hand at the thriving online comic scene. Here is the link to the web comic I’ve created: Keep Falling Forward. The title refers to my philosophy of life and dealing with the struggles that are always present.

I hope to discover a style as clear and beautiful as the Japanese cartoonist Tango. He has conquered the advertising world with his smart and funny observations. I highly recommend his collection of comics in ‘I Have a Dream’.

This web comic is another way to express catharticENTERTAINMENT’s unique view of the world and relationships. With your thoughts and support, Keep Falling Forward can reach a level worthy of a book or other multimedia expression. Thank you for taking an interest.