The Book of Faces

December 7, 2017

A brutal attack on five teenagers has cursed their relatives; answers will come from an invitation to the dark underbelly of social media.

This film is about the love/hate relationship we have with social media. How this plastic community can destroy us. We are building false fronts, trolling, ghosting, catfishing, and swiping our way to loneliness, depression, and inaction. Social media ills become truly EVIL.

The entire film takes place on a computer desktop in video chats. Press the tab to read a sample from the feature-length version.

We are going ‘all in’ for our first feature-length horror property. Since that magical day getting caught up in ’The Blair Witch Project’, Rus has completed a Ph.D. level study of the ‘one location drama’. Finding stories that are affordable to shoot while not forsaking tension and artistry, this is what independent cinema is all about.

In January 2018 we will shoot a short version of this feature-length property for festival audiences and investors.