catharticENTERTAINMENT is a production company started by writer/director Rus Robert Blemker.   We generate unique ideas that can only be found here. Our guiding philosophy is: “The audience’s time is the world’s most valuable resource – don’t waste it.”

So we write, rewrite, tear it up and maybe restart.   Our unique characters and settings might end up in short stories, novels, or screenplays. Embracing the here and now, we produce our stories for the phone, television, or cinema screen. Inspiring the audience is our only concern.

Great video comes from moving back and forth between story and design, planning and reshaping. Ideas lead to a character; personality leads to setting, back and forth, always polishing.   This in-house art direction, storyboarding and marketing enables the entire production to succeed.

The key is defining a vision and communicating it to all departments. Our experience in theatre, business and advertising has formed a winning producing & directing process.   We succeed together, as a team, embracing challenges with a wink and a smile.





Head Honcho


Rus Robert Blemker

Founder, writer & director

A Midwesterner that saw Star Wars on the big screen fourteen times and has been dreaming till today. That movie started his group of friends drawing, Rus’s creativity began in that darken theater.

His life is about exploring ways to move people, communicating through architecture, literature, and film. Like a human sponge, Rus soaks up stories from every walk of life. He needs to wring himself out and share these stories.

Adventures in both film and design is not a loss of focus; it’s working on both sides of your brain – as both painter and engineer.  His skill in writing and design gives richness to the art.

He brings a sophisticated work ethic and dedication to every project. Listening skills honed in board and bar rooms, management techniques developed on construction and movie productions.




Working with businesses and content producers at every level, we have developed entire campaigns and refined outside copy. We do planning and budgeting on our own content and partner with other successful production companies.

We look for relationships, through exciting projects, with people that inspire us. People that embrace tasks with a wink and a smile; looking forward to celebrating our collaboration on a project that makes everyone proud.