Cinema is ‘a dance of faces’ and ‘more like music than fiction’ – great quotes to remember.   We study the masters illuminating new ways to capture an image, work with actors, and edit a scene.

We believe in the three-act structure, ‘hero’s journey’, and satisfying endings.   This reflects our philosophy to not waste the audience’s time on non-proven ways to tell visual stories.

Our style serves the story and visuals needed to capture your attention.   Similar to a cup of tea, our job during production is to not spill a drop!

Not just entertainment, our films have a spiritual story as developed as the on-screen physical story.   It’s what the film is really about.   We work with character, plot, and tone to create this catharticENTERTAINMENT.

Please enjoy the finished work from Rus Robert Blemker and our tremendous collaborators.